Timisoara – The city

by Abraxia, 13/04/2015

What makes Timişoara so special?

Timişoara is the largest city in Western Romania and also one of Romania’s most developed, both socially and economically. It is also among the most important university centres in the country, with a strong, diverse and dynamic student community, due to a combination between quality education and substantial carreer opportunities. As the most important link between Romania and Western Europe, Timişoara benefits from a steady and rapid development.

This city prides itself with its elegant baroque squares, churches of many faiths, an abundance of parks and a pedestrian-only downtown, constituting an excellent place to wind down. You’ll find a mind-boggling selection of beer patios, cafés, restaurants, and gift shops. Timişoara should be a reference point of a tolerant place, of a community with a higher purpose, for it is also a place for ethnic diversity.


Social highlights and sights:

  1. Culture:

Well known as a representative cultural and socially-active environment, Timişoara attracts students from the entire country and even from abroad, establishing itself as a multicultural and diversified community. Should you be interested in a cultural experience, The OperaThe National TheatreThe German TheatreThe FilarmoniqueThe Art Museum, The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral or the Roman-Catholic Cathedral (‘The Dome’) are all excellent choices.


  1. Food and restaurants:

Timisoara prides itself by offering a rich pallet of traditional and international cuisine, through restaurants such as ‘Casa Bunicii’ (Granny’s House)‘Taverna Sarbului’ (The Serbian’s Den),‘DAF Junior’ or the Iulius Mall Food Court (which combines dishes from Asia, Arabia and Europe, plus a KFC). You can also find a Pizza Hut at the Iulius Mall, another KFC and a Mc’Donald’s near the Opera (among several other restaurants) and a Mc’Drive next to the ‘Dan Paltinisanu’ Stadium.

  1. Nightlife and spare time:

If you are searching for a place to relax, spend time with friends, listen to music, dance or simply go shopping, The Union Square area and The Iulius Mall, will definitely provide you with a wide selection of restaurants, pubs (also open-air ones in the spring and summer), clubs, shops and shopping centres, ensuring a civilized and dynamic environment. Most clubs, such as River DeckD’ArcScottishArt Club 700Club 30Vanilla Club are located in the Union Square and central area. We also recommend the pubs and cafés situated in the Students’ Complex (Oxford PubYoutopia).

  1. Parks and gardens:

Timisoara is renown for its abundence of parks and green spaces, a ‘luxury’ few cities in Romania can afford. The Botanical GardenThe Roses’ ParkThe Children’s Park,The ‘Queen Mary’ Park (formerly The People’s Park), The Justice’s Park are but some of the oases that can turn a warm summer afternoon or a chilly winter’s evening into a true delight for the spirit.


  1. Transportation:

The ‘Traian Vuia’ International Airport ensures a steady and reliable connection between Timisoara and other major cities in Romania and abroad. Access to the airport is possible on the European road E70. The airport is situated at a distance of 12 km from the city center. The bus line Express no. 4 covers this route (travelling time of about 20 minutes). Timisoara benefits from a large railway station (railway transportation provided by the Romanian Railway System) and a public transport system (RATT) consisting of busses, electric busses and trams, which covers the entire surface of the city, making it relatively easy for people to travel.

  1. Useful links:

The site of The Foreign Affairs Ministry


Map of Timisoara (Google Maps)

Timisoara City Hall


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