Iasi – The city

by Abraxia, 13/04/2015

What makes Iaşi so special?

Iaşi is not a city, but rather a state of mind. It’s alive, and it’s not about the buildings, though they amaze us every day, it’s not about the university, which is the oldest in our country, it’s not about the parks wich are natural monuments of beauty, it’s about us, the people, the students who never get tired of being alive.

Social highlights and sights:

  1. Culture:

Tourism in the city takes place around its heritage of archaeological sites, memorial houses, museums and historical and architectural monuments. Moreover, the folkloric and ethnographic heritage, the nature protection areas, and natural mineral waters as well as the vineyards in the surrounding countryside remain to be discovered. National Theatre “Vasile Alecsandri”, Palace of Culture, “Moldova” State Philharmonic Orchestra“Luceafărul” Theater for children and youthTătărași Athenaeum,Theatre MuseumUnion MuseumNatural History Museum are just a few of the places you must visit in Iasi.


  1. Food and restaurants:

Iasi it’s also well-known for it’s rich pallet of traditional and international cuisine through restaurants such as: Mamma-mia, Pizza Hut, Cornelius, El Barin, La Pergola, Mado, Panoramic, Bellaria; fast-food restaurants such as: KFC, McDonald’s

  1. Nightlife and spare time:

Also known as the “city of great love stories”, “city of new beginnings”, “cultural center of Moldavia”, “an open air museum”, Iaşi is recognized since the 19th century as being the centre of the national spirit. Every corner of Iaşi evokes a personality, an unique event, a legend, a part of a myth, every stone talks about the past (as quoted by Topirceanu). Iaşi is famous for its nightlife. If you go towards the University you will find a lot of students wondering around or having a beer. There are a lot of bars, coffee shops and pubs where you can chill, have a drink, or watch a game. Most popular discos and clubs are full until morning during during University periods. Check out the discos “Skye”, “Skin”, “Master” , “Code” and “Viper” even though there are much more that are popular. Sage is a place you don’t want to miss. It is located in the old “Mihai Eminescu Library” building and it has lots of tea sortiments from all over the world. There’s also newspapers and books you can read, a piano and social games that you can borrow for free. Hand is a 19th century house converted into an intimate, rock-oriented bar.


  1. Parks and gardens:

Iaşi looks green from above in spite of the ubiquitous brick and concrete due to its boulevards and gardens. Begun in 1833, at the time when Iași was the capital of Moldavia, by Prince Mihail Sturdza and under the plans of Gheorghe Asachi and Mihail Singurov, Copou Park was integrated into the city and marks one of the first Romanian coordinated public parks. This tame, bench and rosebush laden park is a popular destination for youth and the contemplative elderly. Founded in 1856, the Botanical Garden of Iași, the first botanical garden in Romania, has an area of over 100 hectares, and more than 10,000 species of plants. The botanical garden is high up on Copou hill, and it’s a popular summer getaway.

  1. Transportation:

Iaşi Airport (IAS) is one of the oldest accredited airports in Romania and even though it is small, it is served by several airlines such as Carpatair Carpatair (flying from Timisoara), Tarom (flying from Bucharest), and Austrian Airlines (flying from Vienna). There are also charter flights that depart/arrive from/in Iasi. Two operators, the local public transport company, RATP Iași, and Unistil, a private company, provide public transit within the Iași city and operate an extensive network using 150 trams (electric trams began operating in Iași in 1900) and 150 buses.

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