Bucharest – The city

by Abraxia, 13/04/2015

What makes Bucharest so special?

Bucharest is a sexy, assertive, dynamic city that can be a life-affirming destination for those gutsy enough to get to know it. Truly, most people come to Bucharest for its incredible energy and noisy nightlife.

A dynamic city with a raging pulse and spirited ambition; a captivating city of great architectural, artistic, social and cultural contrasts, Bucharest has much to offer to any visitor with the mettle to match its energy with their own. The results can be as rewarding and riveting as they are incomprehensible…


Social highlights and sights:

  1. Culture:

Once you arrive in Bucharest, you cannot leave without a bag full of memories. Bucharest’s cultural scene is very eclectic, without a defined style, and incorporates various elements of Romanian and international culture. The city has an eclectic mixture of elements from traditionally Romanian buildings to buildings that are influenced by French architects.

It’s impossible not to take a tour of museums, such as the National History Museum - the former Palace of the Post, the National Art Museum, the Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”, the Romanian Peasant Museum. Ofcourse, you cannot miss Cotroceni Palace where the presidentialadministration is housed, the Parliament which has been nominated threetimes inGuinness Book, the National Military Club Palace. The Romanian Athenaeum is worth seeing, even out of curiosity, is the best acoustic room inRomania. The Romanian Government building is situated on Calea Victoriei,the most beautiful street and most famous of Little Paris -grande dame ofBucharest, aged over 300 years. The Old Town Centre, Lipscani, is a must, aswell as the Vilacrosse Passage.


  1. Food and restaurants:

Finding a good restaurant is not a problem in Bucharest. The city is packed with some cracking restaurants, trendy little cafes, bonny bistros and good sandwich and lunchtime spots.

You can experience Romanian traditional food in places such as: the restaurants Caru’ cu Bere and Ana Rustic – both situated in the Old Centre, or the restaurant La Mama. You must try our medieval inspired restaurant, Excalibur. In Bucharest you can also taste international food – Indian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese etc. There are lots of pubs, cafés and restaurants from which one can choose.


  1. Nightlife and spare time:

Of all the wonderful things that Bucharest has to offer, nightlife is not the least of them. There is something for everyone in this city: and we mean everyone. From trendy bars to Irish pubs, lounge clubs and jazz clubs and the odd steamy strip show.

Kristal Glam Club has been awarded for the best club in Romania six times. Gaia Boutique Club is one of the hippest places in Bucharest. If you go there, you are very likely to meet artists, fashion designers and models. The theme parties and the music are absolutely fantastic. The Gang is the place to be for an awesome party with friends. The Vintage Pub is located on Lipscani, in the Old Centre area, which is one of the most beautiful places in Bucharest. BOA – Beat of Angels is the new hot spot in Bucharest, a place where you go to see and to be seen, a place for people who live the good life. They have a spectacular sound system and talented dancers that put on a show that makes you feel like you’re in Las Vegas.

Botanical Gardens - the garden has an area of over 17 hectares, and hosts more than 10,000 species of plants. Carol Park - it is today dominated by the massive Monument to the Heroes of the Struggle for Freedom and Socialism (it stands 48 metres high); Cismigiu Gardens - the most central of the city’s public gardens, Cismigiu is a haven of lawns, trees, flowers and lakes;Herastrau Park - home to numerous attractions, including childrens’ playgrounds, a rather old fashioned fairground, an open-air theatre, gardens, promenades and the central lake (which offers boat trips), the main entrance, recently tidied up and beautified is from Charles de Gaulle Square, Tineretului ParkTitan Park/Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park and others.


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